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Shiva Linga: Not just a cosmic phallus

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Sunny and Rumi




Its better when it’s a Friday, the karmic dice tend to roll 7.

But hopefully not 6 and 1

Express prayers, fresh colors and monotonous tones

Look twice and check (knuckles white in prayer)

That your garland, so bright and heavy is not growing out of you.

Aural (grace) so palpable, like thick honey and cream

Ill close my eyes and imagine

Your cosmic fingers draw three lines across my forehead

In Hinduism, Shiva is the ultimate creator and destroyer of the universe and is commonly worshipped in the form of a Linga. What exactly the Shiva Linga represents has been debated over decades. Gurus and Ascetics have argued that the Linga represents Shiva’s cosmic energy and is the meditator’s apparatus.  The West describes the Linga as a phallus that symbolically nestles in the vulva like platform of Parvathi; presenting unity, reproduction and life force. However, putting aside…

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