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Thirty Dining Rules Hinduism

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Hinduism accords Food the highest priority.

Sikshavalli of the Taittiriya  Upanishad starts , after Invocation and general instructions, with the explanation and description of the importance of food.

Sikshavalli is an anthology of instructions by the teacher to the students.

‘Never Insult Food, let this be your vow”

Annanna Nindhyath That Vratham’

So Rules have been laid as to how one should eat and how the food is to be served.

The Smriti declares that one who eats once a Day is a Yogi,

Twice a Bhogi (Glutton), and

Thrice a Day is Rogi (Sick person)

One has to take one meal around Noon after Madhyanniha of Sandhya Vandanam.

One light snacks, Lahu Aahara at Night before sunset, after evening Sandhya Vandana.


1.Food is to be taken in a Plantain Leaf, with its tapering part(shorter end) intact.

2.One should face either the East or the North. Facing East will bring…

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