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Eating of Meat and Beef in the Hindu Tradition

The Hindu perspective

 By David Frawley (Pt. Vamadeva Shastri)

CowIndia’s Traditions of Non-violence and Vegetarianism

The Buddha states in the Dhammapada 26.409, “Him I call a Brahmana who lays aside the rod, who neither kills nor causes the death of creatures, moving or non-moving (animals or plants).”

The same type of statements are very common in Hindu literature and in Yoga texts. Non-Violence and a vegetarian diet have long been part of India’s spiritual traditions Vedic, Buddhist and Jain, so much so that they are often the main things that people think about as characterizing these teachings.

Hindu Dharma Embraces People of All Levels

However, Hindu Dharma – as the world’s oldest, most diverse and most tolerant religion – has teachings and practices for a variety of temperaments and levels of both individuals and cultures. One cannot reduce it to a few simplistic rules or stereotypes. It is much broader both in theory…

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