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Agni V Launch – ICBM

Agni V Launch - ICBM

It was a proud moment for all Indian’s while we read the successful launch of the 5000 Km range Agni V ICB Missile.

I was currious on knowing about ICBM’s.

Well.. Look what i found and where is India standing when compared to China!


Illusion – Maya

Today while i was reading  “Secrets of Vishnu” by Devdutt Patnaik … I realized something new about Enlightenment, have always been reading that attachment is the cause for all sorrow and pain and detachment is the only way to realize the supreme one (not such a easy task though!!). The author here at on instance writes that getting involved in maya, getting attached to wordly pleasures is the only way to realize and go for detachment.

Suka muni son of Maharishi Vyasa never came out of his mothers womb, because he had learnt from his father that detachment is the way to realize lord, after begging Suka muni for years he came out from his mothers stomach after 10 years! and left straight to realize lord and never stopped even after cries from his father and mother.

Whilst he left Vyasa muni praised the lord describing his lotus feet. The more the father praised the more the son wanted to hear, as he heard he built in his mind the “brahmand” the illusionary world with expectations. As he heard his father praise he built expectation from lord to see, to do and to feel. He saw beautiful things and imagined for more. Later on he understood this and attained “mukti”.

Realizing the illusion is the only way to realize the ultimate truth, unless realized there isnt “mukti” from the cycle of Birth, Death and Re-birth.

First Post…

This is the fifth day when i clicked on New post and have thought of writing…..

I am stuck, i am not getting a single word to key in…… and whilst i do this, i think of “limitless” as Bradley cooper pops up this strange transparent pill NZT, as soon as he pops up while writing a book.. words starts falling in place and he completes a novel in couple of hours!! Amazing isnt it.

Well i don’t think i would ever get my hands on NZT, if any drug lord is reading this and has one. Well….


Quote from the movie: “I was blind and now I see”