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Shiva Linga: Not just a cosmic phallus

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Express prayers, fresh colors and monotonous tones

Look twice and check (knuckles white in prayer)

That your garland, so bright and heavy is not growing out of you.

Aural (grace) so palpable, like thick honey and cream

Ill close my eyes and imagine

Your cosmic fingers draw three lines across my forehead

In Hinduism, Shiva is the ultimate creator and destroyer of the universe and is commonly worshipped in the form of a Linga. What exactly the Shiva Linga represents has been debated over decades. Gurus and Ascetics have argued that the Linga represents Shiva’s cosmic energy and is the meditator’s apparatus.  The West describes the Linga as a phallus that symbolically nestles in the vulva like platform of Parvathi; presenting unity, reproduction and life force. However, putting aside…

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Thirty Dining Rules Hinduism

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Hinduism accords Food the highest priority.

Sikshavalli of the Taittiriya  Upanishad starts , after Invocation and general instructions, with the explanation and description of the importance of food.

Sikshavalli is an anthology of instructions by the teacher to the students.

‘Never Insult Food, let this be your vow”

Annanna Nindhyath That Vratham’

So Rules have been laid as to how one should eat and how the food is to be served.

The Smriti declares that one who eats once a Day is a Yogi,

Twice a Bhogi (Glutton), and

Thrice a Day is Rogi (Sick person)

One has to take one meal around Noon after Madhyanniha of Sandhya Vandanam.

One light snacks, Lahu Aahara at Night before sunset, after evening Sandhya Vandana.


1.Food is to be taken in a Plantain Leaf, with its tapering part(shorter end) intact.

2.One should face either the East or the North. Facing East will bring…

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Eating of Meat and Beef in the Hindu Tradition

The Hindu perspective

 By David Frawley (Pt. Vamadeva Shastri)

CowIndia’s Traditions of Non-violence and Vegetarianism

The Buddha states in the Dhammapada 26.409, “Him I call a Brahmana who lays aside the rod, who neither kills nor causes the death of creatures, moving or non-moving (animals or plants).”

The same type of statements are very common in Hindu literature and in Yoga texts. Non-Violence and a vegetarian diet have long been part of India’s spiritual traditions Vedic, Buddhist and Jain, so much so that they are often the main things that people think about as characterizing these teachings.

Hindu Dharma Embraces People of All Levels

However, Hindu Dharma – as the world’s oldest, most diverse and most tolerant religion – has teachings and practices for a variety of temperaments and levels of both individuals and cultures. One cannot reduce it to a few simplistic rules or stereotypes. It is much broader both in theory…

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Superbly written and its gives a clear picture on the couple of points from the vedic scripts……


I’ve been interested in Hindu and Sanskrit scripture for a good while now, but one of the first things that astounded me in my research was their level of scientific knowledge, how incredibly observant they had to be to figure it all out thousands of years ago.

I started reading bits and pieces of the Vedas (and I’m planning to read them in their entirety, when I’m not sidetracked by other projects) after realizing just how many of the last few centuries’ “discoveries” were already known to ancient Hindus, such as the world being round, the sun being the center of the solar system, and that system being part of a galaxy, and other vast amounts of knowledge. So much that it is impossible to study it all in one lifetime.

To prove my point, I’ll start with the concept of vimanas, the flying machines frequently described in Hindu scripture…

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Who is Arming the World!

Who is Arming the World!

Who is Arming the World!